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David Sousa Moreau is an Entrepreneur and Freelance director/producer since 2000.

He has directed over one hundred musical videos for international artists such as: King Afrika, David Bisbal, Coti, M clan among others.

He has also produced two successful seasons of an adventure/cooking show, and 4 seasons of an extreme sport Tv show. During the last 5 years, David also produces, directs and conducts the interviews of documentaries on culture, technology, tendencies or fashion topics for the two main Tv stations in Spain.

Over all these years, he has conceptualized, written, edited, produced and directed thousands of hours of advertisement and entertainment content for clients such as Billabong, Red Bull, Balearic Islands, city of Madrid, RTVE Universal music, Warner, Tele 5, Antena 3, Asics, Rip Curl, Google, Orizonia, Melia hotels…

This last year he aired very successfully the first season of Mzungu in Cuatro (Mediaset), and was also responsible for transforming the 2020 edition of the international entrepreneurial event South Summit in a Tv show.

He is internationally known for being the writer, editor, producer and director of the feature REEVOLUTION, an epic independent action movie produced with less than 6.000 $ that sets an unprecedented world record of ‘production value’.


He is now founding 2084 Films, a film and tv show production company focused on developing sci fi, action and thriller genres.

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"David Sousa Moreau has done the impossible and made an unbelievably creative and engrossing no-budget feature film! This is surely a World record."

SCOTT HILLER (Director of ECU - The European Independent Film Festival)

"Director David Sousa Moreau could be the Ayn Rand of a new generation"

JO ANN SKOUSEN (Director of ANTHEM - Libertarian FIlm Festival)




- Setting a cinematographic World Record of 'production value' with RE-EVOLUTION


- Winner of “Best International Feature Film 2017” in the Anthem the Libertarian Film Festival in Las Vegas.

- Awarded "Best Direction" in Calella Film Festival 2018.

- Winner of "Best Cinematography" in Calzada de Calatrava Film Festival 2018.


- Official selection of the ECU-European Independent Film Festival, EVOLUTION (Mallorca international  Film festival), Spanish Film Festival of Australia, Miami independent film festival.


Tel: (+34) 605-600-579


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